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Sweden Capital LLC is a Financial Group registered in Charlestown, Nevis under No. L19344. All the activities of the company are allowed under the law of Nevis, 2017, in particular but not exclusively commercial, financial, indebtedness, financial transactions, services and participation in other companies, as well as facilitate the services of financial brokerage, training, and account management in stocks, raw materials, currency exchange, among other financial products.

The website is operated by Sweden Capital LLC.

Sweden Capital LLC has its fiscal address at Charlestown Waterfront Plaza, Suite 556, Main Street. Charlestown, Nevis. Clearing Services by Sweden Capital SRL with registration No. 218477400014 and Sverige MKT SRL with registration No. 218537750016

Risk Notice: The negotiation of some leveraged products such as currency exchange may not be a good option for all investors because they constitute risk to their assets if their management is not well analyzed. Please make sure you understand the risks involved, and if necessary seek independent advice.

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